Ultramote is a long-distance remote trigger system. It is built for photography first, but easily supports all kinds of equipment. Ultramote uses LoRa long-distance radio communication to achieve distances of hunreds of meters, even in urban environments - well above the range of commercially-available 2.4GHz triggering systems. Ultramote lets you put a camera in places where you really don't want to be and allows you to capture shots from a safe distance.



Ultramote has two 2.5mm jacks for input and output. Each input/output has two independent channels (tip and sleeve). Output connectors are optically isolated from the Ultramote's electronics, inputs are equipped with high-voltage protection circuitry. Any regular remote shutter or time lapse controller can be connected and is relayed to all Ultramotes listening on the same channel. For camera output, an adapter cable from a 2.5mm jack to the camera's remote port is required.

Ultramote can be connected to a PC via USB-C and controlled via a Serial Terminal.

Firmware updates can also be carried out over USB-C.


A 400mAh LiPo battery allows for an idle time of several hours. The battery is charged over USB-C.


work in progress
The Ultramote's enclosure is 3D-printed in two parts and comes with hotshoe and GoPro-style attachement points as well as a 1/4" thread.


Ultramote is ready to connect to Sparkfun's QWIIC sensors. This makes it a versatile platform that can support all sorts of sophisticated applications. Want to trigger a remote device depending on temperature, incident light, air pressure, sound, an ultrasonic distance measurement, etc? Integrate your QWIIC sensor into the firmware, flash it using USB and you are good to go!


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The firmware currently supports these features:

There is a long list of potential features that might be added at a later point in time.


Ultramote Hardware and Software are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0